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Phone addiction and its affects

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Smartphones are playing a very important role in our life nowadays and they are highly productive technology but the excessive use of these gadgets usually interfere with work, study, and relationships. When you spend long time on social media or playing games than interacting with real people, or you can’t stop yourself from frequent checking of text messages, social media, or any other app that keeps on notifying you every second even when it has destructive consequences on your life and your future, you might need to stop for a while and think about that and you might also need to reassess your technology use.
Smartphone addiction, also colloquially known as “nomophobia” (fear of being without a cell phone), is oftentimes fueled by an Internet overuse problem or Internet dependency disorder. After all, it’s seldom the smartphones itself creates the compulsion, but rather the applications, games, social media platforms that create the addiction.

Smartphone addiction can encompass a number of impulse-control problems, including:


Effects on relationships
Statistics proved that most of the people who overuse their smartphones and social media find it significantly challenging to build ‘real’ relationships with others

people are becoming more about building online relationships rather than real relationships, they spend more time to contact each other online too, despite the fact that the internet has made it possible for people to communicate with their friends and family in other countries, region or continents, relationships in real life are very important, one should not forget people surrounding him and contact other people in other world.

There is also strong witness that online relationships cannot replace the human connections that are necessary to proper mental health. This may also be one of the reasons of the clear rise in mental health issues amongst young people.

Effects on attention span and ability to concentrate
A wide variety of commentators have recommended that young people, who grew up in a world of social media and smartphones, find it more difficult to  concentrate for long periods of time.

for instance, a teacher commented that most of his students find it challenging to sit and read a book and expect more action. This might also be the outcome of being able to scroll on rapidly, and it can also be related with computer video games where the action and rewards are lots faster than reading a book.

Effects on physical health
Around the world, fatness and non-communicable diseases such as diabetes are rising in younger people.

There are many reasons of this, which include the availability of junk food, the use of ready meals and junk food as a quick source of nutrition, and the limit in sports activities at school. However, there is no doubt that smartphones reduce the need to get out and see people, and encourage younger people to spend time indoors on their phones.

However you wrap it up, that is no longer going to enhance anyone’s physical fitness.

Research has also advised that many people’s smartphones carry bacteria, which includes some bacteria  that may possibility be deadly  such as E. coli. Using the smartphones before to sleep time has also been linked with insomnia (sleep disorder). There are consequently many ways in which smartphone use is linked to bad physical health.

Effects on financial health
The smartphones themselves are not considered as a financial issue. However, mobile phones makes it easy to spend money on shopping, playing games or paying subscription fees to watch movies etc.
people also replaced physical games and other activities with mobile games and the reason for that is because you can play anywhere at any time with friends from different countries (synchronous).




Watch out your smartphone is stealing your sight


In today’s fast-moving world, it is almost impossible to imagine our daily life without smart-phones. It is one of the most successful inventions of the twenty century, which has become a convenient way of communication. Smart phones perform many adorable functions; such as the ability of giving you the option to play music/audio, taking picture using the cameras and many more amazing functions. Most of the mobile phones provide Internet access and texting, these features people use it not only to serve the internet but they also use it to order food, order taxi, watch movies, they’re useful for just about everything; checking train times, snapping a quick photo, getting involved in the family group chat and many more.


 For some people, however, this range is probable way greater. Many businesses impose on employees to be sat in front of pc screens for 35-40 hours a weekly, even without your own personal use of a mobile phone outside of work hours. While this is considered as an advantage for staying connected with friends and family, but on the other side there using screens for long time has a dangerous consequence specially at the long term.

There are many harmful health effects, which might be caused by the excessive use of smart phones, on this post I am going to talk focus more on the affection caused to our sight.

Effects of Too Much use of Screen on eye


Spending many hours looking at a display screen usually cause an eye strain. We tend to blink less while using screens, and the inner movement of the screen makes our eyes work more difficult to focus. Usually we do not place our screens at an ideal distance or angle, which can cause additional strain. All these issues add up and can lead to lasting effects on your vision, especially in children.


Potential effects of screen time, include:


Eye fatigue – Your eyes can get tired from intensive use causing diplopia, headaches, and concentration difficulties. Dry and irritated eyes – You tend to blink less when looking at a screen and your eyes can become dry and irritated. you must avoid dry eye because it can impact the health of your eye and cause blurry vision. Loss of focus flexibility, typically loss of focus flexibility happens as we age, but excessive use of screens can impact our ability to regulate our eyes to ascertain in the least distances quickly.


Nearsightedness – Screens is a way to keep our youngsters indoors, which may have a long-term impact on eye health.

In children, natural daylight is essential for developing their eyes. Studies have shown children who spend more time indoors have more possibility of developing myopia.

Retinal damage – Digital devices release blue light, which may reach the inner lining of the rear of your eye (retina).

Studies show that blue light can damage light-sensitive cells within the retina. this will cause early age-related degenerationwhich may cause loss of eyesight. 

Studies also proved that children are more likely than adults to experience when exposed to the present high-energy light. In addition, an excessive amount of screen time can have a serious impact on your sleep. Research shows that the blue light alters the brain’s sleep rhythms when smartphone is used directly before bedtime. The brain thinks the screen light is daylight, and it can shift the body’s sleep rhythm.