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below are some ideas for what you can do during pandemic 2021 (MCO2.0 in Malaysia)

1. Read Quran, it a good opportunity for those who want to get closer to Allah and get use of their time in something beneficial, I think most of the people nowadays they waste their time watching movies, playing or do something similar, they forget and some ignore that in a time where there is Pandemic or even in normal days’ people a Muslim should get closer to Allah, everyday a person get older and every day we get closer to the hereafter, therefore one should prepare for that.

2. Get closer to your children/kids, a lot of people became very busy and usually they don't spend some time with their children and I meant not staying with them and being while playing with phone or watching TV, I meant talking to them, ask them about their friends, what is their plans for future, what are their spiritual need, (a person's needs is not only food), teach them how to perform Salah(prayer) etc.

3. Calling or messaging friends and family members who live far and you can't visit them, it is also a great opportunity to ask about your family members and friend whom you didn't visit for long time and you can't reach them out.

4. Exercise in a park, parks are open(now), you can exercise or walk, it will help removing a lot of stress, exercising is good for health plus spending sometime outside the apartment is very important.

5. Plan you live, if you haven’t pan you live before, now you have got a time to that and before that you need to know the importance of planning your life and how to that by clicking the links. 

5.2. How to plan your life? 

6. Reading books, enriching your mind by reading books is a great habit, and if you manage to apply this habit by reading regularly you will notice a positive change and improvement in your life you just need to pick up the right books to reach to do that, below is a link for some suggestion for books you can read in 2021.

7. House cleaning You can clean your house specially the kitchen, toilets as these places are always being ignored by most of the people.

8. Cooking and baking, is a good time for trying new meals, healthy menu, you can try doing so with the help of your kids.