ordinary vs successful people

For years I have been asking myself why do people waste their time?


Why do people waste their lives? 


Why is that so many people don’t want to do great things in their lives? 


They wish to achieve their dream but they don’t want because if they want they supposed to work for it not just wish, but recently I have found that the majority of people follow their desire, and follow the desire of oneself is something against success, achieving dreams and becoming great, for instance people like to sleep for long hours while most of the successful people they organize their time and most of them are barely get a rest, they use their time for setting plans, achieving goals, they improve their lives every day, they learn new skills every day, they never quit because they knew their destination. People don’t like to struggle, they want everything easy, while successful people they knew that nothing great comes easy, people also don’t like to think while the thinking is the main key to success.

Bellow I have listed the major points on the differences between the ordinary and successful people

1. ordinary people don't like to use their minds and they prefer to follow the flow The nature of human tendency affects ordinary people and control their lives, successful people avoid this falls and they pay attention to these natural problems

2. ordinary people work to help others achieve their goals, successful people set and work for their own goals.

3. ordinary people complains and blame others, successful people try to find solutions instead of wasting times on complaining Successful people discuss problems, issues and ask for help in order to find solutions.

4. Ordinary people want to be better than others, successful people want to be a better self.
The majority of people get lost in comparing themselves to others. As time goes by, these people become spiteful and envious. They base their wishes on other people’s achievements. On contrary, successful people keeps on pursuing to become a better version than they were yesterday. What’s more, they wish the same to others.

in conclusion

Making a decision to succeed in life is an important personal decision, and it is not an easy thing (i.e. the path to success), but it is a bumpy road full of troubles and dangers, while living a normal life as a regular person will not be without problems as well, as a successful life will provide opportunities and options that are not available in normal life.

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