For years I have been asking myself why do people waste their time?

Why do people waste their lives? 

Why is that so many people don’t want to do great things in their lives? 

They wish to achieve their dream but they don’t want because if they want they supposed to work for it not just wish, but recently I have found that the majority of people follow their desire, and follow the desire of oneself is something against success, achieving dreams and becoming great, for instance people like to sleep for long hours while most of the successful people they organize their time and most of them are barely get a rest, they use their time for setting plans, achieving goals, they improve their lives every day, they learn new skills every day, they never quit because they knew their destination. People don’t like to struggle, they want everything easy, while successful people they knew that nothing great comes easy, people also don’t like to think while the thinking is the main key to success.
Bellow I have listed the major points on the differences between the ordinary and successful people

1. ordinary people don't like to use their minds and they prefer to follow the flow The nature of human tendency affects ordinary people and control their lives, successful people avoid this falls and they pay attention to these natural problems

2. ordinary people work to help others achieve their goals, successful people set and work for their own goals.

3. ordinary people complains and blame others, successful people try to find solutions instead of wasting times on complaining Successful people discuss problems, issues and ask for help in order to find solutions.

4. Ordinary people want to be better than others, successful people want to be a better self.
The majority of people get lost in comparing themselves to others. As time goes by, these people become spiteful and envious. They base their wishes on other people’s achievements. On the contrary, successful individuals pursue being a better person than they were yesterday. What’s more, they wish the same to others.
The Mindset of an Entrepreneur What is an entrepreneurial mindset? first of all, let us agree that Entrepreneurs are NOT born, They are driven to it and Anyone can learn and become an entrepreneur. an entrepreneurial mindset: is all about Innovation, High Growth, and Profit, not only making money but more.

bellow are 14 points that an entrepreneur should have to develop.
1. Vision: To be able to create and communicate without difficulty and have comprehensible mission for what the new project does in order to swimmingly launch a new business journey. This is performed while inspiring others to join you in your new business.
2. Creativity:
Ability to inject imagination and uniqueness into a new business venture. It takes expertise and skill to create a new venture equipped with strategies to outsmart the competition.
3. Focus:
Able to defend the dream of the company in the best way. It’s easy to get sidetracked specially if it is needed to evolve the authentic vision. Ironically, there are many successful entrepreneurs who get bored easily.
Desiring to win underneath your own steam [initiative] on a business venture.
Possessing intrinsic power to accomplish the desired aim regardless of how tough the competition.
6. Perseverance:
To be able to continue going even when confronted with seemingly insurmountable obstacles.
7. Opportunistic Nature:
Sees the opportunities and recognize them early. Can make use of an upcoming style or unite unrelated processes to create a unique commercial enterprise venture.
8. Problem Solving Ability:
Manage to coming up with solutions to complex challenges.
9. Self-discipline:
To be able to be organized and regimented in pursuit of a successful business venture.
10. Frugality:
Knows how to stretch every cent so that expenditures are as low as possible.
11. Empathy:
Able to put your self in another’s footwear and consequently able to display sensitivity and understanding of what others are communicating in the startup environment.
12. Social Responsibility:
Ethics, caring and humanitarianism are characteristics an an entrepreneur should have.
13. Spirituality:
The most successful entrepreneurs should devote time to practice their religion, this will help them in Balance their life and equip them with strong spiritual power.
14. Good Timing:
the successful entrepreneur can identify the optimum time to launch a new venture or expanding an existing enterprise.

here are 9 steps to make 2021 your best year

On this post I have tried my best to set the easiest and most important steps for making 2021 to be your best year by practicing these ideas and making them part of your live towards success and improving one’s life style.

1. Write you goals somewhere on notebook, smart phone or anything that you always use to write the important things.
2.devide the goals into daily, weekly and monthly
Planning your days is the actual implementation of the big goals and it is the steps towards achieving the final destination which in this case your year’s goal. For the weekly and monthly goals, you can set that as reading a book or learning new skill, this depends on your time and your commitment to the plan you are going to set.

3. Sleep early and get up early
Sleeping early specially after Isha’s prayer and getting up at six am (Fagr prayer) is the best scheduling for having enough sleep and starting your day early, this will help you accomplish a lot things during your day and will result in motivation you for your next day as well.

4. Keep a regular sleep schedule
Maintaining a regular sleep schedule is important for getting better sleep quality which will help you stay more alert, feel more energized, and improve your productivity levels during the day. If your sleeping schedule is all out of whack when the weekend rolls around, you might want to re-think that and start choosing a regular bed time.

5. Read books
Reading helps keep the mind sharp and improves your knowledge, whether you’re into business or self-development books, I encourage you to try to find the time this year to read more. If you don’t like to read books or you don’t have the time to physically sit down to read, try listening to audiobooks or watch YouTube videos.

6. Limit your time on social media
We waste hours on end everyday scrolling through social media when we can be more productive and get things done. Here is how to limit social media usage.

7. donate or volunteer
Giving donations to poor people has been proved to have positive impact not only to the given people but also the giver. On the other side volunteer work is the best way to build a strong and collaborative character helping the community, supporting the needy people.

8. enroll in online courses
Nowadays specially during covid-19, there are thousands of free online courses with certificates you can pick up the course you want and complete it whenever you want, this will help you get more knowledge, more income and better live in future.

9. Stop impulse buying when you are out
The main reason of impulse buying is temptation, people get attempted by the new and attractive products and they can’t control their feeling when they see things they like, especially women, and to avoid impulse buying, one has to remember that we always buy stuff and later we realize that we don’t need them, as a result buying them without planning or pondering.
The habits of Successful People

These are the habits of successful people as listed below:
1.successful people Wake up Early and they get enough sleep. waking up early gives you great opportunity to accomplish many things throughout the day hours
2.They accept failure and learn from it
successful people never stop trying and they accept failure as a normal step towards achieving their goals.
3.They read everyday
increasing your knowledge by reading will take you to new levels, you will get new ideas, the more you read the more you become better version of you. 

4. They make exercises regularly
one of the best thing you can do is to spend your time with people who inspire you to reach your goals, and support you on every right step you take, and correct you if you committed any mistake.
5. They spend time with people who motivate them spending sometime with our loved once has a great impact in our life and can bring us a huge energy that can support us in our life. 

6. They make multiple incomes Successful people don't rely on one source of income, usually they make as many source as possible to avoid bankrupt 

7. They don't waste their time they avoid wasting their time talking in things non of their business, talkative people, social media application and anything that can waste their time. 

8. they improve themselves continually in simple wards they improve themselves by gaining new skills and improve the skills they already have. 

9. Organization they organize their life by planning as well as setting priorities and goals. 

10. Thinking positively positivity is considered very important thing in life, thinking positively can lead the person to a happy life and with people with happy life have a great opportunity of great accomplishments. successful people think positively and they also avoid negative people.