Phone addiction and its affects

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Smartphones are playing a very important role in our life nowadays and they are highly productive technology but the excessive use of these gadgets usually interfere with work, study, and relationships. When you spend long time on social media or playing games than interacting with real people, or you can’t stop yourself from frequent checking of text messages, social media, or any other app that keeps on notifying you every second even when it has destructive consequences on your life and your future, you might need to stop for a while and think about that and you might also need to reassess your technology use.
Smartphone addiction, also colloquially known as “nomophobia” (fear of being without a cell phone), is oftentimes fueled by an Internet overuse problem or Internet dependency disorder. After all, it’s seldom the smartphones itself creates the compulsion, but rather the applications, games, social media platforms that create the addiction.

Smartphone addiction can encompass a number of impulse-control problems, including:


Effects on relationships
Statistics proved that most of the people who overuse their smartphones and social media find it significantly challenging to build ‘real’ relationships with others

people are becoming more about building online relationships rather than real relationships, they spend more time to contact each other online too, despite the fact that the internet has made it possible for people to communicate with their friends and family in other countries, region or continents, relationships in real life are very important, one should not forget people surrounding him and contact other people in other world.

There is also strong witness that online relationships cannot replace the human connections that are necessary to proper mental health. This may also be one of the reasons of the clear rise in mental health issues amongst young people.

Effects on attention span and ability to concentrate
A wide variety of commentators have recommended that young people, who grew up in a world of social media and smartphones, find it more difficult to  concentrate for long periods of time.

for instance, a teacher commented that most of his students find it challenging to sit and read a book and expect more action. This might also be the outcome of being able to scroll on rapidly, and it can also be related with computer video games where the action and rewards are lots faster than reading a book.

Effects on physical health
Around the world, fatness and non-communicable diseases such as diabetes are rising in younger people.

There are many reasons of this, which include the availability of junk food, the use of ready meals and junk food as a quick source of nutrition, and the limit in sports activities at school. However, there is no doubt that smartphones reduce the need to get out and see people, and encourage younger people to spend time indoors on their phones.

However you wrap it up, that is no longer going to enhance anyone’s physical fitness.

Research has also advised that many people’s smartphones carry bacteria, which includes some bacteria  that may possibility be deadly  such as E. coli. Using the smartphones before to sleep time has also been linked with insomnia (sleep disorder). There are consequently many ways in which smartphone use is linked to bad physical health.

Effects on financial health
The smartphones themselves are not considered as a financial issue. However, mobile phones makes it easy to spend money on shopping, playing games or paying subscription fees to watch movies etc.
people also replaced physical games and other activities with mobile games and the reason for that is because you can play anywhere at any time with friends from different countries (synchronous).



below are some ideas for what you can do during pandemic 2021 (MCO2.0 in Malaysia)

1. Read Quran, it a good opportunity for those who want to get closer to Allah and get use of their time in something beneficial, I think most of the people nowadays they waste their time watching movies, playing or do something similar, they forget and some ignore that in a time where there is Pandemic or even in normal days’ people a Muslim should get closer to Allah, everyday a person get older and every day we get closer to the hereafter, therefore one should prepare for that.

2. Get closer to your children/kids, a lot of people became very busy and usually they don't spend some time with their children and I meant not staying with them and being while playing with phone or watching TV, I meant talking to them, ask them about their friends, what is their plans for future, what are their spiritual need, (a person's needs is not only food), teach them how to perform Salah(prayer) etc.

3. Calling or messaging friends and family members who live far and you can't visit them, it is also a great opportunity to ask about your family members and friend whom you didn't visit for long time and you can't reach them out.

4. Exercise in a park, parks are open(now), you can exercise or walk, it will help removing a lot of stress, exercising is good for health plus spending sometime outside the apartment is very important.

5. Plan you live, if you haven’t pan you live before, now you have got a time to that and before that you need to know the importance of planning your life and how to that by clicking the links. 

5.2. How to plan your life? 

6. Reading books, enriching your mind by reading books is a great habit, and if you manage to apply this habit by reading regularly you will notice a positive change and improvement in your life you just need to pick up the right books to reach to do that, below is a link for some suggestion for books you can read in 2021.

7. House cleaning You can clean your house specially the kitchen, toilets as these places are always being ignored by most of the people.

8. Cooking and baking, is a good time for trying new meals, healthy menu, you can try doing so with the help of your kids.


Watch out your smartphone is stealing your sight


In today’s fast-moving world, it is almost impossible to imagine our daily life without smart-phones. It is one of the most successful inventions of the twenty century, which has become a convenient way of communication. Smart phones perform many adorable functions; such as the ability of giving you the option to play music/audio, taking picture using the cameras and many more amazing functions. Most of the mobile phones provide Internet access and texting, these features people use it not only to serve the internet but they also use it to order food, order taxi, watch movies, they’re useful for just about everything; checking train times, snapping a quick photo, getting involved in the family group chat and many more.


 For some people, however, this range is probable way greater. Many businesses impose on employees to be sat in front of pc screens for 35-40 hours a weekly, even without your own personal use of a mobile phone outside of work hours. While this is considered as an advantage for staying connected with friends and family, but on the other side there using screens for long time has a dangerous consequence specially at the long term.

There are many harmful health effects, which might be caused by the excessive use of smart phones, on this post I am going to talk focus more on the affection caused to our sight.

Effects of Too Much use of Screen on eye


Spending many hours looking at a display screen usually cause an eye strain. We tend to blink less while using screens, and the inner movement of the screen makes our eyes work more difficult to focus. Usually we do not place our screens at an ideal distance or angle, which can cause additional strain. All these issues add up and can lead to lasting effects on your vision, especially in children.


Potential effects of screen time, include:


Eye fatigue – Your eyes can get tired from intensive use causing diplopia, headaches, and concentration difficulties. Dry and irritated eyes – You tend to blink less when looking at a screen and your eyes can become dry and irritated. you must avoid dry eye because it can impact the health of your eye and cause blurry vision. Loss of focus flexibility, typically loss of focus flexibility happens as we age, but excessive use of screens can impact our ability to regulate our eyes to ascertain in the least distances quickly.


Nearsightedness – Screens is a way to keep our youngsters indoors, which may have a long-term impact on eye health.

In children, natural daylight is essential for developing their eyes. Studies have shown children who spend more time indoors have more possibility of developing myopia.

Retinal damage – Digital devices release blue light, which may reach the inner lining of the rear of your eye (retina).

Studies show that blue light can damage light-sensitive cells within the retina. this will cause early age-related degenerationwhich may cause loss of eyesight. 

Studies also proved that children are more likely than adults to experience when exposed to the present high-energy light. In addition, an excessive amount of screen time can have a serious impact on your sleep. Research shows that the blue light alters the brain’s sleep rhythms when smartphone is used directly before bedtime. The brain thinks the screen light is daylight, and it can shift the body’s sleep rhythm.

Planning is one of the important characteristics of successful people, without planning if not impossible it is very difficult to reach your goals.

1.When you sit down and make the time and an exertion to improve your life style, you may think of what is important to you. You'll detail precisely what you need out of life, something most individuals have never done before. Planning will enable you to clearly state your objectives without any equivocalness. Planning will help you think precisely of what kind of life you will have in future and how it will lookslike.

2. Planning gives you with a street outline to urge to your goal. It permits you to not only figure out how you may get there, but moreover gives you a way to decide how distant you've got come and how much you have get cleared out to go.

3. Planning your life gives you control over things you do on your life, and optimize the way you make your decision.

4. It is much easier to establish and maintain balance in your life when you make a plan.

When thigs try to distract you and waste your time, your plans will help you to decide how much attention you will give to each of those distractions, how much attention you need to give for things on schedule or plan. . Without your plan, you will find yourself out of track and doing the same things other unsuccessful people do.

5. By planning your life and setting your goals attaining your dreams is a matter of time. If you feel like your dreams are impossible to attain, it might be because you have never tried to create a plan on how you can actually reach them. Once a realistic plan is created, you will be amazed by how easy your dreams can really be.

6. Making your life happier has many things to do with having purpose in life. A plan can help you make a purpose to live. People with plans are people who have purposes, a reason, that drives them every day towards their goals. Once your plan is in place and you start putting it into action, you will no longer just “exist”, you will instead “live purposefully.”

7.A planned life will give you a sense of peace. No more worries about your future decisions because all your decisions are already on your plan. So long as your choices are in line with your plan and bringing you one step closer to where you want to be, then those are the right choices to make.

8. Having a plan will make you feel more powerful. Planning will not only give you visualization of how your life is going to be, planning will give you confidence, power and will make you stronger regularly.

9. Planning gives you a sense of freedom. It gives you the freedom to plan your life anyway you want, without having to explain, justify or obtain permission from anyone. You are free to plan exactly what you would want your life to look like.

10. Finally, having a plan ensures that you will have no regrets when you get to the end. Because you have made the effort to plan your life in order to achieve the goals that you want to achieve, so long as you stick to your plan you can be confident that you will not be looking back and asking yourself “what if.”
how to plan your life (Create Your Life Plan)?

Identify your passions. Before you think about success, you will need to set clearly what success means to you. While for some it may
take years to realize what you want to do with your life, pointing out your passions and interests will help you a lot to set goals

and give your life a sense of meaning. If you have trouble identifying these things, then ask a friend or family member to help you.

Ask yourself the following questions:
How do you want to help your people or country?
What courses did you like the most when you were in school?
What was the thing that you use to do or you used to make without you feel bored?
For instance, for instance I used to learn English during holidays (English is my second language),
after I grew up I realized that I love this language so much.
Later on I also realized that I love blogging, and without hesitation I started creating website and writing posts after I got enough knowledge about that.
Same goes to everyone who want to become successful, the first thing they need to identify is their passions. Now after defining your passion you need to the following:

1. Set goals Write down what you want to accomplish, don’t delay that because if you don’t write that out you will forget. Your goals must be 

 2. Divide you goals into small steps
Divide your life goals into parts. plans for a day, week, month, year. 

3. set deadlines
Without deadlines you will be lazy to achieve your goals and you probably not going to be serious about doing them, setting deadlines will also give you strong ability to commit to your plans.
Deadlines will also help you to Stick to your commitments because planning only is not enough; Sticking to your word more important instead.

3.1. Focus on One Goal at a Time After setting a goal, for instance a year goal, try to focus only on that goal, never focus with minor goals 

 4. Create Action Steps.
Put clear instructions on how you are going to accomplish your goals. 

5. seek knowledge.
Learn new thing regularly, make it a habit to not have your day ended without you have learnt new thing, this way you will have a lot of knowledge Unconsciously and in an easy way.

For years I have been asking myself why do people waste their time?

Why do people waste their lives? 

Why is that so many people don’t want to do great things in their lives? 

They wish to achieve their dream but they don’t want because if they want they supposed to work for it not just wish, but recently I have found that the majority of people follow their desire, and follow the desire of oneself is something against success, achieving dreams and becoming great, for instance people like to sleep for long hours while most of the successful people they organize their time and most of them are barely get a rest, they use their time for setting plans, achieving goals, they improve their lives every day, they learn new skills every day, they never quit because they knew their destination. People don’t like to struggle, they want everything easy, while successful people they knew that nothing great comes easy, people also don’t like to think while the thinking is the main key to success.
Bellow I have listed the major points on the differences between the ordinary and successful people

1. ordinary people don't like to use their minds and they prefer to follow the flow The nature of human tendency affects ordinary people and control their lives, successful people avoid this falls and they pay attention to these natural problems

2. ordinary people work to help others achieve their goals, successful people set and work for their own goals.

3. ordinary people complains and blame others, successful people try to find solutions instead of wasting times on complaining Successful people discuss problems, issues and ask for help in order to find solutions.

4. Ordinary people want to be better than others, successful people want to be a better self.
The majority of people get lost in comparing themselves to others. As time goes by, these people become spiteful and envious. They base their wishes on other people’s achievements. On the contrary, successful individuals pursue being a better person than they were yesterday. What’s more, they wish the same to others.
The Mindset of an Entrepreneur What is an entrepreneurial mindset? first of all, let us agree that Entrepreneurs are NOT born, They are driven to it and Anyone can learn and become an entrepreneur. an entrepreneurial mindset: is all about Innovation, High Growth, and Profit, not only making money but more.

bellow are 14 points that an entrepreneur should have to develop.
1. Vision: To be able to create and communicate without difficulty and have comprehensible mission for what the new project does in order to swimmingly launch a new business journey. This is performed while inspiring others to join you in your new business.
2. Creativity:
Ability to inject imagination and uniqueness into a new business venture. It takes expertise and skill to create a new venture equipped with strategies to outsmart the competition.
3. Focus:
Able to defend the dream of the company in the best way. It’s easy to get sidetracked specially if it is needed to evolve the authentic vision. Ironically, there are many successful entrepreneurs who get bored easily.
Desiring to win underneath your own steam [initiative] on a business venture.
Possessing intrinsic power to accomplish the desired aim regardless of how tough the competition.
6. Perseverance:
To be able to continue going even when confronted with seemingly insurmountable obstacles.
7. Opportunistic Nature:
Sees the opportunities and recognize them early. Can make use of an upcoming style or unite unrelated processes to create a unique commercial enterprise venture.
8. Problem Solving Ability:
Manage to coming up with solutions to complex challenges.
9. Self-discipline:
To be able to be organized and regimented in pursuit of a successful business venture.
10. Frugality:
Knows how to stretch every cent so that expenditures are as low as possible.
11. Empathy:
Able to put your self in another’s footwear and consequently able to display sensitivity and understanding of what others are communicating in the startup environment.
12. Social Responsibility:
Ethics, caring and humanitarianism are characteristics an an entrepreneur should have.
13. Spirituality:
The most successful entrepreneurs should devote time to practice their religion, this will help them in Balance their life and equip them with strong spiritual power.
14. Good Timing:
the successful entrepreneur can identify the optimum time to launch a new venture or expanding an existing enterprise.